Bali! A tourist paradise where you’ll find most of the crowd at the southern peninsula around Denpasar. The culture and lifestyle of the Balinese people will entice you to come back here over and over again.

Walk through the island from your beautiful hotel room to find out about the traditional culture and lifestyle of the Balinese people that still exists.

Here are 12 things to do in Bali to help you plan your trip. Look further –

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Denpasar is the largest city of Bali and the most exciting one too! You’ll find small coastal towns at these enchanting beaches along the island. Many of these towns have become a part of the Denpasar’s metropolitan area, but yet dwells on their distinctive local flavor.

We’ve enlisted some of the famous and lesser-known beaches and towns to explore while you are in Bali –


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Sanur is one of the most popular destinations for travellers. It’s an upscale resort area that is great for middle-aged and older families. The city is slightly more expensive than other parts of Bali, but you’ll get the benefits of a fully developed tourism sector.

You can also try your hand on cooking some of the popular Indonesian dishes by taking a lesson or two in the cooking classes held here. You’ll also find lots of dive shops, a few spas, and a wide array of restaurants.


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Kuta offers a long white-sand beach that is family friendly. It is close to the airport and also to most tourist attractions. Find great restaurants and easy access to transportation. Kuta is on the east side of the southern peninsula whereas Sanur is on the west side.

Revel in some entertainment spots and bars along the beach and throughout the Kuta area.


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If you move forward along the south peninsula, you’ll find yourself in the town of Tuban. The area surrounds the airport and is also known for its shopping mall and water park, Waterbom. It is an ideal destination for families visiting Bali since, the proximity to shopping and an amusement park.

Indulge in some shopping if you find the beach too filled with family and young children.

Jemeluk Beach

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While visiting Bali, if you’re looking to get away from the well-worn path that most tourists take, stopover at Jemeluk Beach. It is located along the east coast of Bali, in the town of Amed and it takes about three hours to reach Jemeluk Beach from the airport in Kuta.

Local villages are in line with the atmosphere at the Beach where you’ll find many of the amenities in the area.


Palaces in Bali date back to the late 19th century and early 20th century. Many of them still have been partly destroyed by earthquakes in the recent decades. Massive natural calamities like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have taken place in the year 1963, 1975, and 1979.

Ujung Water Palace

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This palace was devastated by earthquakes in 1963, 1975, and 1979, but the beauty of the location and some of the original architectural details can still be appreciated. Located just 5km southeast of Amlapura, Ujung Water Palace is worth a visit to explore the surviving pavilions.

It has the power to blend European and Balinese architectural influences to create a unique aesthetic for visitors.

Puri Kanginan

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Puri Kanginan – a castle that was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1963 and built in the 19th century, has three main parts to it – the social hall, gardens, and a royal residence.

You can take a tour to the secondary courtyard and formal lake for a small fee. The mansion-like structure is decorated in a combination of European and Balinese architectural details.

Tirta Gangga Bathing Pools

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If you’re interested in architecture, Tirta Gangga Royal Bathing Pools are a special treat. This site brings influences from Bali, China, and Europe together for a good sight. An excellent location for introspection and architectural inspiration.

Treat your eyes with the carvings along the doors and windows to find details from Chinese decorations.



You can experience much of the history of Bali in its museums and parks along the seaside. After you are done visiting these museums, it will be a good idea to connect the artifacts found here with the temples they came from.

Le Mayeur Museum

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Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres traveled the whole world and then fell in love with a Balinese woman, Ni Pollok. After his success in the art world, he built a home, absolutely beautiful. In 1958, after Adrien’s demise, Pollok transformed their home into the Le Mayeur Museum and continued living there while managing the art exhibits until 1985. Today, the house remains to be a museum that displays a selection of works by Le Mayeur and a collection of artifacts along with traditional Balinese art.

Bali Museum

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Located in the heart of Denpasar, the Bali Museum offers a good overview of the Balinese history. It’s also known as Denpasar Museum or Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali. We suggest you not spending money on a guided tour; it’s better to plan on spending some extra time at the museum to figure things out on your own.

Amusement parks

After visiting the cultural part of Bali, take a break and relax with your family at one of these parks. The best area in Bali for families on vacation is Tuban because this area offers easy access to amusement parks and other family-friendly amenities.

Waterbom Bal

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Getting tired of all the sand at the beach? Play in the water while you’re in Bali at the Waterbom. The place offers rides and games to entertain children of all ages. You can also take the whole family with you and spend the day playing in the water without getting any sand into your shoes. Keep yourself entertained with water slides, wading pools, and a lot more for hours.

Bali Safari & Marine Park

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Safari?! Take a ride, explore the freshwater aquarium, or take in a show at the Bali Theatre. If you’re with your kids, they’ll be more excited to visit the place. You can also learn about local and international wildlife conservation efforts while experiencing the majestic creatures in their natural habitats. A must-visit for you and your family too!



International Kite Festival in Sanur

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Love flying kites in the air? If you do, then you must visit International Kite Festival in Sanur. It’s held in July, which draws more than 10,000 people with more than 1,200 kites. It’s a regular event held in Sanur in the last 34 years and continues to bring more and more people from around the world to it. Some kites are as large as 4 meters wide and 10 meters long, and the most massive kites require team of up to 20 people to get them flying.


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