When to visit Rome?! Every season has its own pros and cons when it comes to travel to Rome.

If you want to visit this city when it is fairly uninhabited by visitors, you have to deal with the less ideal weather.  If you are hoping to witness sunny skies, there will be a queue to see the sights. The choice is yours, you either visit Rome at any time of the year or explore the city during the season time. Let’s discuss the month-to-month schedules that you can follow while you plan your trip:

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Rome in January

January can be highly damp and cold with an average temperature of 8°C or 46°F. January 06, the Epiphany is a national holiday that is celebrated when you receive gifts from La Befana – Italy’s friendly Christmas witch.

This holiday marks the end of the Christmas season in Rome and the beginning of the sale season in Italy.

Rome in February

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February in Rome is quite cold with an average temperature of 9°C or 48°F, you may feel like you are from San Diego. It is generally a rainy month too, but manageable.

You will find the hotel/accommodation tariffs to be relatively lower than other months because this month is right after the holiday season. Make sure you pack a warm jacket along with waterproof shoes to take a tour of the city.

Rome in March

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There is a saying in Italian – ‘Marzo e pazzo’ which means ‘march is crazy’ that holds true when it comes to the March’s weather in Rome. There are certain days that will feel like spring and just when you start believing in that, you will see the sunshine emerging from the corner of a building which may follow by rainfall. You may face more crowds around the Vatican City which all depends on how early Easter falls. The average temperature of the city drops to 12°C or 54°F in March, you will need to carry a light coat and an umbrella.

Rome in April

While visiting Rome in the month of April, you will experience a pleasant temperature of 14°C or 57°F. See the greenery that starts to reappear and a few flowers spout up. The nights, however, are still cool. During this month, the Colosseum and other central monuments start filling up with the European visitors. April 21st is celebrated as Rome’s birthday which is celebrated massively among Romanians.


Rome in May

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Rome is as glorious as it can be in in May as the city is bursting with beautiful colors. Trees full of fresh leaves and pots full of bougainvillea line up the Spanish Steps. The ‘primo Maggio,’ May 1st is celebrated as Labour Day during which everyone is out at a free concert at San Giovanni. A perfect month to picnic in Circo Massimo with warm days without stifling with an average temperature of 21°C or 70°F.


Rome in June

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Thrilling weather of May month is fleeting, whereas, by the end of June, you’ll find yourself finding shade to cross the streets since the temperature rises to 23°C or 73° F. However, the city feels alive during summers because of all the concerts liven up your mood. The accommodation prices start to rise so make sure to book a month earlier before visiting the city.

Rome in July

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If you want to enjoy some of the outdoor events like cinema in the piazza or concerts in Teatro Marcello, then July is one of the best months to visit Rome. With a good temperature of 26°C or 79°F, you will find long lines at the major Rome attractions. Consequently, pick up a Rome City Pass and skip the queue to lounge around the rooftop bars while grabbing a glass of wine in your hand outside of the Il Vinaietto.

Rome in August

Rome feels like a roasted city in August because this is a time of closures. At this time of the year, Romanians prefer to head for the beach and close restaurants and shops in the evenings. 15th of August is celebrated as ferragosto – the feast of the assumption. The temperature in August is 30°C or 90°F and reaches 40°C – over 100°F.

Rome in September

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While August feels quite deadly, the beginning of the September is lovely. You may find September to be quite warm but the evenings start to offer the tiniest respite. September is a great time to visit Rome with museums offering new shows post-summer. The average temperature prevailing in the month of September is 22°C or 72°F.

Rome in October

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October is probably a great time to visit Rome, the days are usually still warm but the nights are chilly with a temperature of 18°C or 64°F. The chestnut sellers, who don’t seem to pack their stuff even in summers, are a welcome sight once more. The days are shorter and the sunsets are longer. You can wander at Rome’s Orange Garden to soak up few more rays of the light. During this season, starling birds are literally flocking the city.

Rome in November

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November in Rome means plenty of rain, you’ll find the leaves falling from the trees and the honey-colored buildings losing some of their sunburnt feelings. You can sip some wine in the sun around the city with a bit cold is creeping in, an extra layer of clothing will do in this scenario. It is advisable to carry an umbrella along with you that wouldn’t stop you from visiting the places. The temperature in November is 13°C or 55°F which is a perfect time to visit the city.

Rome in December

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When December rolls in, the temperature is at 10°C or 50°F in the city, Rome surrounds with festive celebrations. December 8th is a major national holiday, which will be a followed by shopping activities in the center. You can also expect closures on Christmas Day, 25th and Santo Stefano, 26th till New Year’s Eve. The city is so charming that you can wander through the cobblestone streets strung with lights and then cozy up in one of Rome’s best wine bars for a perfect evening without the crowds.

Regardless of the month, if you want to know the things to do in Rome, you can read – Go Festive With Events In Rome!

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