The Universal Studios in Singapore is certainly one of the most talked about tourist attraction in the world. This place offers its visitors a thousand of activities to do like the adventurous rides, entertaining shows, and thematic dining.

Universal Studios is Southeast Asia’s only theme park that stretches over 20 hectares (approximately the size of 25 football fields). Pack yourself a whole heap of stamina and energy to see this place in a day.

If you’re wondering where you should start from to make this jaunt the best one, you must read on. If our suggestions seem too lengthy, just bookmark the important points and refer to them whenever you visit the place.

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Trip On Weekdays, Not During Day Off

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Universal Studios get awfully busy on weekends. Queue times can be extended up to sixty minutes or longer.

To evade the crowd, visit the studio on weekdays when you’ll find shorter queues. There will be less need to jostle with others as you move around the studio.

The flipside of visiting the park on a weekday, however, is that you may miss the Hollywood Dreams Parade, and Lake Hollywood Spectacular fireworks show. These shows are generally held on weekends.

Skip Tickets Queue

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Why should you book your tickets online? Booking your tickets online can be a lot more comfortable than lining up in queues at Universal Studios at the ticketing counters.

Find yourself flooded with exclusive discount e-vouchers, complimentary Wi-Fi to use or surprise gifts if you plan to book your tickets online.

You may end up booking your tickets through online promotions that will help you save some bucks.

Get the Universal Express During Busy Days

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The Universal Express is the Universal Studio’s ‘fast pass’ system. In addition to the park’s entrance ticket, you will need to purchase the Fast Pass as an add-on.

If you are ready to pay an extra penny, the Universal Express holders at Universal Studios are permitted to take a different, shorter queue from the regular standby queues.

It lets you skip the long waiting queues, save the time and energy. For people who are not the member of the Universal Express, can enjoy the notable Treasure Hunters and Canopy Flyer rides.

Where to Buy Universal Express Passes

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There are two types of Universal Express passes – The Standard Universal Express that can be used only once at each ride and the Universal Express Unlimited that allows you to take rides repeatedly.

The Universal Express passes can be purchased online or at selected locations around the studio. If you intend to get the Universal Express pass, we recommend you to buy it before entering the park.

The price of the Universal Express is quite affordable. Prices only start to hike when the demand rises. We recommend you to buy the passes early or online.

Familiarize Yourself With The Layout

The Universal Studios is packed with activities at every step. Before you move ahead, download the map online and orientate yourself to Universal Studios Singapore’s layout.

While entering the park, there is a Hollywood zone which is a tribute to Universal Studio’s Hollywood’s lineage, accompanied with golden Hollywood stars right on the pavement.

Left to the Hollywood, you’ll find the first themed zone – Madagascar, and to the right, you’ll see New York.

Pick Your Rides Beforehand

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You may want to know which are the must-do rides at Universal Studios beforehand. This lets you head over directly to the rides that are on your ‘hit-list’.

Trying every ride may drain off your energy and time. Prepare a strategy before you start.

For thrill-seekers, the big three are Human, Cylon, and Revenge of the Mummy. If you’re visiting with young kids, you can refer to Little Day Out’s feature on visiting Universal Studios Singapore.

First Ride Suggestions and Shortcuts

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Decide which rides to take first – for people who are with kids, Treasure Hunters is something to look forward to. Older riders can choose the Canopy Flyer or Transformers.

To get to these rides, there is a shortcut you can take.

Most people are clueless when they visit the Universal Studies and end up with attractions at Madagascar or New York. You can bypass these zones to get to themed lands such as Revenge of the Mummy, Human, Cylon, Transformers and Treasure Hunters, while everyone is still making their way through Madagascar and New York.

All you need to do is head down the path between Mel’s Drive-In and the lake, make your way past the pier and you will arrive at Sci-Fi City, right in front of Transformers and the Battlestar Galactica roller coasters. From here on, the walk towards the Ancient Egypt zone will be shorter

Make Use of Universal’s Programme Sheet

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While entering the park, make sure that you pick up a programme sheet. The programme sheet is listed with all the events and shows that will take place during the day of your visit with their timings.

We recommend you use this programme sheet to plan your day, with a particular mention to “meet-and-greet” with Diane, the infant triceratops, and the velociraptors at The Lost World.

While using the Universal Studio’s Programme Sheet, you’ll get to know about the particular events going to happen at the park with their timings. If you have limited time to spend in the Universal Studio, the programme sheet can help you with identifying which event and show to attend at the park.

Hope you enjoy clicking pictures with your favorite characters!

Two “Hidden” Rides

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There are two attractions at Universal Studios that one may often overlook.

At Far Far Away zone, within the Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop, there is a tiny Ferris wheel ride, Fairy Godmother Magic Potion Spin that is suitable for very young kids. Get to the ride by entering the Potion Shop from the main shop front.

Similar to this, you will come across a rock-climbing attraction towards the rear of the land at The Lost World. This ride, The Amber Rock Climb, has three levels – Easy, Medium and Difficult.

You will surely love the fossils embedded into the rock face on the way up too. Enjoy your rides!

Where to Dine At Universal Studios

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Universal Studios has many dining options too.

Discovery Food Court in The Lost World zone serves local Singapore fare such as laksa and chicken rice. Best to go early if you want to dine there as it gets crowded very quickly during lunchtime.

Another dining spot is the KT’s Grill at the New York area that serves alcoholic beverages too. An interesting fact is that KT’s Grill is named after the Genting Group chairman, Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay.

If you would like to have halal food, head to Mel’s Drive-In at the Hollywood zone, Friar Tuck’s at Far Far Away, Oasis Spice Café at Ancient Egypt or Marty’s Casa Del Wild at the Madagascar zone.

We hope you could make sure of some suggestions on Universal Studios Singapore. Have a great time on your day out at the Universal Studios Singapore. Book Sydney to Singapore Flights to have a wonderful time there.

Happy Visiting!


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