Singapore, a cleanest cosmopolitan city in the world, is not only a great tourist destination but also serves as a convenient gateway to the whole of Asia or rest of the world.

The delicious cuisines and the shopping hot spots seem to be like viral among Singaporeans. This city is an excellent hub spot, from where you can easily get cheap conveyance to nearby neighboring countries.

Book A Fly offers cheap flights from Sydney to Singapore to make your vacation merriment. Well, a wanderlust in you needs a wardrobe to enjoy your travel the most. Find out what you can wear in Singapore.

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Wearing Style In Singapore In Dry Season

Style varies from lifestyle to age in different countries around the world. The younger generation dresses casual, whereas the older adults seem to be more traditional.

Always keep in mind, Singapore is a cosmopolitan city so baggy pants may not be a good idea to wear here. Wondering what to wear? Classic style is a better option to opt for.

Singapore weather is hot and humid so wearing casual tees with denim shorts will soon become your best friends. Carry fewer layers of clothing on your body and enjoy more than you can.

Moreover, try to stick to fabrics like – cotton blends, polyester/spandex, linen and silk as these are lightweight, breathable, absorb sweat and allow your body heat to escape.

Don’t forget to pack these while traveling to Singapore from Sydney.


Packing Essentials For Dry Season

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Singapore is located right on the equator so it doesn’t have any distinct seasons. The weather here is pretty much hot and sunny all around the year except the monsoon season, which is hotter, rains often, though. That means, whatever you pack, it will work any time of year.

We recommend you to pack some comfortable clothing, such as tunics are a great option to protect your skin from the harmful UV-rays whilst keeping you cool.

You will have to do quite a lot of walking, once you step in. Suggest you wear comfortable shoes or flip-flops, either of them will work.

When it comes to shoes, think comfort.

If taking an adventure out into the wild is on your planning list, then pack a pair of sandals, a couple of flip-flops, and some ballet flats, hiking or waterproof boots to make it enjoyable. Remember to stay away from soft fabrics and suede as these will probably get ruined in the splash of water.

You know the weather is uncertain! Be equipped when you step out from your place. When you’re out, keeping a small portable umbrella will be a great call. There will probably be spontaneous thunderstorms and frequent drizzles. You can also pick one up on-the-go at a local convenience store.

You will have to do quite a lot of walking, once you step in. Suggest you wear comfortable shoes or flip-flops, either of them will work.

When you’re planning what to wear in Singapore, take advantage of that scorching heat and try visiting one of the beautiful beaches like East Coast Beach. Don’t forget to bag your favorite bikini, one piece or sarong along with a pair of flip-flops. Teaming up these things will make you look good even under the harsh sun rays.

Also, add a high factor sunscreen to your bag and apply it regularly for the unforgiving Sun. A pair of sunglasses and a bottle of water should be handy too along the way.


Style In Singapore In Monsoon Season

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With two different monsoon periods, the Northeast Monsoon and the Southwest Monsoon, Singapore will be a little drizzly.

The beginning and end of the monsoon seasons are separated by shorter inter-monsoon periods wherein there is a sudden, massive but short period of the rainstorm, generally in the afternoon or in the evening. You may want to make some changes to your packing if you are traveling in this period.

Northeast Monsoon: From December – March, Singapore has the most frequent and heavy rains, generally in the afternoon or early evenings. Be ready to get drenched in non-stop rain for days.

The pre- northwest monsoon season that falls from October – November has a cool breeze, which reduces the afternoon heat. Rainstorms usually occur in the evenings.

Southwest Monsoon: Singapore has a slightly dry climate from June to September, which is an excellent time to visit the place. At this time of the year, you will see a downpour during early mornings. You need to be prepared for those strong winds.

The pre-southwest monsoon season generally occurs from March till May featuring heavy rains early evenings.

Packing Essentials For Monsoon Season

If you’ve mistakenly planned your vacation during the monsoon season, pack light tunics or blouses to combat that gloomy weather. Add your favorite bright colored dresses, a pair of harem pants or leggings, plenty of tank-tops, camisoles and tees, and a cute pair of shorts to keep it cool.

Remember not to pack wool fabric, it will shrink instantly when wet. Try a blended fabric such as poly-cotton, you’ll get some breather if you get wet.

Monsoon Season?! Think waterproof.

Covered sandals and a pair of light or ankle height wellingtons would be a great call. Packing these kinds of shoes will keep your feet away from the puddles of water and mud that begin to form when the rain starts.

Do not pack white or pastel colored shoes. They’re guaranteed to end up in a darker shade.

Whenever you build your Singapore packing list, don’t forget to put a durable umbrella, however, avoid packing a heavy raincoat.

A raincoat will be too warm for the humid weather, instead opt for a lightweight jacket to put on. Also, pack a hat to save your hair from fizziness, if you’re prone to that.

Up for traveling to Singapore? Peak season to travel there is from December to June. If you’re visiting around this time of year, you will get cheapest flights from Sydney to Singapore to enjoy lively street markets, celebratory decorations, traditions and culture of the Singaporeans.

Singapore is the insanely incredible country to visit during vacations. So, be there to have some fun! Happy Vacations!


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